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Welcome to Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step

Why try this CBT program?

Diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder

How long does it take to overcome social anxiety?

Facial Twitching: One Physical Symptom of SAD

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Seems Overwhelming

Our Perspective on Behavioral ("Exposure") Therapy

Is this program for extreme cases of social anxiety disorder?

Shyness/ Introversion/ Extroversion

What about meditation or breathing exercises for overcoming social anxiety?

What about positive affirmations for overcoming social anxiety?

Dr. Richards: Overcoming Social Anxiety, Part 1

Dr. Richards: Overcoming Social Anxiety, Part 2

History of the Therapy Program

An online therapy program is not for me.

What is therapy for social anxiety disorder?

What is an average therapy week?

I have social anxiety. What now?

I'd prefer to see a therapist in person.

Should I do therapy sessions in order, or can I skip around?

Worried about Contradictions: CBT vs Other Therapies

SAD: A Physical, Neurobiological Brain Condition

I'll never get any better.

A Final Welcome & Encouragement from Dr. Richards

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